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Please meet our team

Frank Walbaum

Frank has been working in the TV business for several years. Acquiring his skills in Germany’s biggest broadcasting station he then chose to work and live in Asia, which was in 2007.

After quitting his job he started to work in a family office, where he was managing a 450 Million EUR FOREX fund for a wealthy German family.

Being passionate about the countries and their people in Asia, he loves trading Asian currencies like the Japanese Yen, the Singapore and New Zealand Dollar.

He is now a successful currency trader making his living entirely from the markets by trading his FX portfolio.

Apart from trading he also gives webinars and speeches about the currency market and works as a freelance trader and market analyst for BD Swiss.

Zan Kotnik,
Market Analyst

Anyone can do chart analysis here and there, but if you can’t control your mindset it will affect your trading performance.

I met Frank after I have read his interview and how he turned his trading skills into career of a fund manager. Since my goal is to manage $100 Millions as fx trader, I knew I had to talk with people who have done it already.

I found Frank’s contact details on the website and after our first call I knew he is the real deal with proven experience. He walks the talk. Trading is one of the professions where mindset and being consistent plays a huge role. Anyone can do chart analysis here and there, but if you can’t control your mindset it will affect your trading performance.

Whether you are new or an advanced trader your main goal is to learn a strategy and further develop yourself to shift probability on your side and manage the risk correctly. Frank’s trading style and way of helping is straight to the point without any B.S. excuses.

If you are struggling with any fundamental of your trading, I highly recommend you join the FX Strategies community and ask Frank help. His honesty, kindness and humbleness are total opposite of “modern trading gurus” who only promotes their trading throughtout catchy marketing and scamming naive traders. I listened to Frank’s advice and improved my trading the way I am more profitable and consistent than I was years ago.

Since 2021 I’m glad to be helping the students of our FX Stategies Asia community as an analyst and sharing my experiences on daily basis within the community. Trading is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is a business and if you do not build the right trading skills and habits, you will struggle.

If you are looking to improve your trading, feel free to join us and we will help you.

Rob Veldhuijsen,
Head of IT

Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is interesting, what they hide is fascinating.” ― Lawyer M. Ravi, Singapore (2013)

While working at IT departments within The Netherland’s largest telco (KPN N.V.) for well over a decade Rob gained equity via stock options, which led him to start trading stock on Euronext Amsterdam, NYSE and NASDAQ.

During a company management development program he made the decision to broaden his world view an made a plan to emigrate to Singapore, where he set up a business in online- and mobile payments. During his time in Singapore and after that several other countries around Southeast Asia he got more knowledge of foreign currency conversions, remittances, the finance industry and fintech in general, and acquired an interest in Forex trading.

At FX Strategies Asia Rob is responsible for the IT roadmap, day-to-day IT operations and IT innovation projects, and works together with external suppliers for implementation of new features.

Rob has a BSc in Management of IT. He specialises in Big Data and Business Intelligence and aimes to gain more knowledge of- and experience in automation of forex trading strategies.