How can i make money with the FX Strategies Signal Service?

It is easy to make money when subscribing to our service. You simply need to follow our trades and copy them into your account. As we give you all information including the trading size (based on a 10,000 USD account) all you need is just to enter our trades in your platform.

What type of investor do i need to be to profit from this service?

Our service is suitable for any type of investor. Of course you should be interested in the markets and willing to take care of your financial assets yourself. Since you can manage the amount of risk by yourself this offers you a lot of advantages to simply put your money into a bank account.

Will you have new transactions every day?

I will usually trade Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays. Depending on the actual markets i will also send out updates on Mondays and Fridays. When i am actively trading the markets i will put alerts on Twitter as well for possible short term possibilities in the markets.

I am new to trading and especially FOREX, can i join also?

Actually you should! By joining our service you are very likley NOT doing the same mistakes i did, when starting my career many years back. Remember here you will trade with a pro! Our service can be used as a novice trader as well as for people, who have been trading the markets for a very long time without being profitable. If you are new to the markets don’t worry, either we go through all needed information together in a Skype call or you simply login and check our information and video tutorials in the user section. We will constantly upload new features and tutorials there.

How much time do i need to invest to follow your trades?

If you simply like to follow our trading calls all you need is a few minutes each to enter the trades into your platform. Though, we would advice you to spent more time with the actual trades yourself to finally get an endge and be able to trade yourself. My goal is also, that you become a pro like me.

What is all included in the service of this website?

We have a lot of features to offer here, all coming with our flat monthly fee. You will get our precise trade calls and updates many times a week. If you have questions and want me to answer them, either ask me directly on Skype or via email and i promise to answer them usually directly. Also you will be notified via twitter for trade updates. In our video section you will get video updates a few times a week, when chances are coming up in the markets. As well we will host regular webinars to analyze the markets together, to give you an edge on what i see and identify as potential trading setups. At least once a months we host live-trading webinars during news events, as these might offer quick excellent trading opportunities. We constantly also add in new stuff, just email us if you miss anything here!

How can i join this service?

Simply create an account here on the website and choose which package you like to go for. Since trading also takes time to learn i would encourage you to at least follow me for a few months to get a feel about my ideas and strategies.

How much do i need to pay to join this service?

We offer a few different options to join us. The basic subscription fee is EUR 79,- a month, which can always be cancelled at any time by yourself. Check back in our “Sign Up” section for promotions and discounts. I personally would encourage you to choose the 6months package as this offers you a great value for money for your trading career.

Do you also answer questions from your subscribers?

Of course! you can either email me or, as a subscriber, stay in contact with me on Skype. As i am online most of the time i will answer you instantly there.

Which information do you submit with your updates?

Updates contain important information on the trade itself, the exact stop loss and Take profit figures as well as the trade size, based on a 10,000 USD account. If i adjust the position e.g. bringing the stop loss to break even possibly i will make that clear.

How many updates do you send out to subscribers?

This depends on the market. If am in open positions and they  need to be adjusted i might send more updates regularly. However if the market does not offer any interesting opportunities, i will not do any updates as regularly i have a stop loss and take profit in place.

When will you send updates for your trades?

Usually i trade early in the European session into the US session, which is when i am likely sending out new tweets.

How do i get your updates?

The quickest way to keep you guys up to date is via twitter. i encourage you to have a twitter account to get information in real time. If you prefer updates just via email just let me know.

Can i achive the same performance in my account?

Yes, for sure. Most of the trade calls are stop orders in the market. It then depends on your broker on how these orders will be executed. Only rarely will orders be send out as “market orders”, which means a direct buy or sell trade. Those orders would be more difficult to follow.

Can i test your service before subscribing to it?

Sometimes i offer a free trial period. Just contact me if you can’t find one here on the website. However i like to keep the number of subscribers limited to offer a valuable service to each and everyone.

How will i be informed of new trades?

Either you regularly check on the website in the users’ section if there are new updates and market information or simply follow me on Twitter for the latest real time calls.

When will i get access to the user area?

You will be able to use the members’ area directly after you purchase you subscription plan.

Why is your service so cheap compared to other Signal services?

We do not promote our website and i only want to offer this service to a small but dedicated trading community. Since i earn my living purely by trading the markets i am not depending on this service. Though a lot of people have asked me to share my ideas, which is why i came up with this website to share my knowledge.

How can i pay for your website?

So far we accept Paypal as a major form of payment. Of course via paypal you can also use your credit card to pay. If you wish to use any other form of payment, simply let us know.

How can i cancel the membership of this service?

Our membership will automatically renew  itself for the same amount you have subscribed for. Simply send us an email at least two weeks prior to the end of your subscription and we will cancel your membership at the end of the paid term.

Where do you get your information from?

If you follow me for some time you will get to know how i trade the markets. It is a mix of “reading” the naked- charts (i don’t use indicators on them) and the study of some basic news. I believe that most facts are being “shown” in the charts itself already.

Are you independent from from any company or investment bank?


Which bank or broker is best to use this service with?

Any reputable online broker can be used to follow our trades. If you have doubts about your broker or like to get some ideas, let me know.

How many subscribers do you have?

I will limit the group to a small number of subscribers as i want to be able to be in touch with everyone.

I have additional questions regarding your service

Simply send us an email and i will get back to you soon!