Jim Rogers & Frank Walbaum
Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, International Investor & Author

If you want to know how to trade the currency- or crypto market watch FX strategies so you can find out.

Mario Singh, CEO Fullerton Markets

I've known Frank for several years now and he's one of the rare few who walks the talk. Passionate, methodical and humble, Frank embodies all the essential qualities of a fund manager. It's a blessing to count him as a friend and i'm absolutely delighted to see him make his mark on the world stage.

Walter Peters, nakedforexnow.com

I've known Frank since 2012 and he really focuses on what is important when teaching others: He understands risk management and psychology and he also knows the power of using his mind to achieve your goals to maintain consistence and to apply all rules of his trading strategy.

Adam Hartley, snapdragonsystems.com

I first got to know Frank through an FX trading conference where we were both speakers. Since then I've been attending his ``morning call`` sessions each morning and it has become an integral part of my trading day.

It's great to get the analysis from such a professional and profitable trader and even though. I tend to trade in a different style myself I find that there's always something to learn from his sessions.

Adam, 47, USA

I like the way we can benefit from this website. A clear path to generate profits. Frank always posts his winning AND his losing trades on twitter. If you follow them closely you can definitely see that long term success in the currency market is a marathon and never a sprint. His strategy really works.

Karthik, 44, India

I got to know Frank on a different currency forum, where he sometimes posts articles. We eventually became friends and still meet up every now and then when we have time. He gives me so much insight in the markets and help, when in need. Truly a good friend for me who likes to help until you get to master stage. He clearly likes to replicate and show you a way to the markets, money does not matter for him.

Pete Bill

After a complete U-Turn in life retraining in a new career direction, I found myself in the more than capable hands of Frank who has been guiding and coaching me for some time now to reach my long term goals as a fund manager.

I cannot recommend Frank enough. Between the daily webinars, constant updates on the markets, what trades he is in/looking at, and the individual support alongside the group effort, you will find yourself in an excellent position to learn how to trade. And most importantly, help you focus on your psychology as well as your trading skills. This is an excellent environment regardless if you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, the insight here is invaluable.

It is a pleasure to call him a friend and a mentor.

Andreas Achtelik, Germany

Ich beschäftige mich schon einige Jahre mit dem Trading, aber immer folgten auf sehr gute Phasen massive Drawdowns, in denen ich alles wieder abgegeben habe. Alleine kam ich hier nicht mehr weiter.

Auf der Suche nach einer fundierten Trader Ausbildung ist mir besonders Frank aufgefallen. Mehrmals pro Woche machen wir in der Gruppe Webinare, zudem morgentlich unseren “Morning Call” unter Koordination von Frank. Grundsätzlich besprechen wir das Thema Trading, die Ausbildung um Erfolg zu haben und analysieren meine Trades.

Ich kann sagen solche Profitrader wie Frank, findet man nur schwer, er weiß wie der Handel funktioniert, weiss jetzt wie ich mein Riskmanagement einsezte und verstehe die Märkte.

Harry Mann, 20, UK

Hi Frank!

Just wanted to check in and let you know how much of a great help joining the team has been for my progression as a FX trader! I have been much more consistent with my profits and and learning more and more day by day with the webinars and updates I receive from you!

Honestly can’t recommend this enough, I hope to continue trading for years to come and I feel like I now have strong foundations to make a successful career from trading!

Heather, 63, Australia

Frank has been a supportive teacher to me in the past few months. With his signals i got confidence in the markets and through his webinars i was able to create my own trading system, based on his strategy.

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