… with special guests at home for dinner and drinks

a long due meeting: Mario and Wayne from Fullerton came over for some drinks and and BBQ to celebrate LIFE….

We had good fun, today!

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US stock markets creating fresh highs…. we go SHORT!

Just another high before we call this the end of the bull market? We are prepared for a bigger decline in US stocks and increase our Shorts in the Dow & S&P 500

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Trading the BOC interest rate decision…

Have you also traded the BoC news release today?
Our buy stop order from 1.3100 has been executed and we are still counting pips… Stay tuned as our TP is at 1.3165

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Follow us at FXSTREET… Will the FED slash rates?

Today’s article at FXStreet can be found here:

Will the Fed be Finally Convinced to Slash Rates? [Video]


BDSwiss Morning Call of 07/10/2019: “Will the Fed adjust rates once more soon?”

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Amazing find in a book store in Thailand. Ohhh, it’s me :)

“Secret Conversations with Trading Tycoons”. Initially only available in Thailand now also the english version is gaining international success.

Interested in the book, where my story on how to handle a multi million EUR account is printed?
Get yourself the english copy and send me a message with a screenshot to get a free direct coaching session thereafter.

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giving a speech for the property market today

My office for the day: giving a speech about FX and hedging for the property market.

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